No More Door Hangers!

How cool is this?  PoolOps can send comprehensive .pdf reports to your customers, which will even include photos of their pool.

They’ll receive a detailed record of all your work performed and be impressed with your superior and fast customer service.  

You’ll find it a breeze to sort, filter and analyze your business’ most crucial data, which will help you pinpoint those areas that require improvement.  

poolops no more door hanger

Digital Task Management at your fingertips

Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork and searching through file cabinets. Thanks to PoolOps, scheduling, assigning and tracking jobs is now an easy process. Our innovative software effortlessly handles everything from:

  • Quoting, task & job management,
  • Billing & invoicing,
  • Scheduling,
  • Forms,
  • Customer communications.
  • Plus, you’re able to instantly access and filter and sort historical data to locate the exact information you need, when you need it.

Yes, it really is that easy!

Streamline Your Workflow

PoolOps allows your daily operations to run smoother.

  • Your field techs will always have the latest schedules, updates and forms at their fingertips.  
  • PoolOps guides your techs through the process of filling out digital forms to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, saving you time and money.
  • When critical tasks are completed or left undone, you and your techs receive real time notifications.

Our proven task-management solutions helps your pool service business save on resources, and dramatically increase productivity.

The pool at the hill near vineyard. Arezzo,Toscana

Online AND Offline Access

PoolOps was built  for teams in all geographical areas.  For techs working in rural areas with no cell service, PoolOps is always completely accessible.  As soon as they return to an area with service, the app will automatically sync and update.

One-time Tasks

Create and assign one-time tasks to your field techs. They receive immediate notification on the app!

Recurring Tasks

Create and assign recurring tasks to your field techs. Perfect for those jobs that happen on a standard schedule – Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Yearly and everything in between.


Dynamic routing provides step-by-step driving directions to job locations right within the app.

Smart Assign

Have a recurring task that doesn’t need to be completed by the same tech each time? No problem! Use Smart Assign and the app will assign the recurring task to the next available tech on the schedule.

Dispatch Calendar

Use the dispatch calendar view to assign or reassign tasks, view tasks by all techs or one-at-a-time, view tasks by status or even by task templates.


Pinpoint the location tasks are completed or the location of your techs.

Built for Mobility

Available from any Android, iOS, or Windows device.


Capture both video and images within the app


Pinpoint the location tasks are completed or the location of your techs.


Easily set up workflows within forms for approval processes


Easily create task templates for similar jobs.


Capture employee and/or client signatures.

Import and Export Data

Easily import and export data such as inventory lists, client lists, and technicians


Link to external data sources such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharepoint, Twilio, FTP, AWS and Azure. Custom external data links, such as Quickbooks, are available.

Activity Log

Gain visibility into and accountability from your field team by seeing where, when and how work has been completed.


Ensure your team’s jobs are completed and documented while they are within a specified range of the site/location.

Multiple Languages

Multiple languages supported in-app


Knowledge base built into the system for frequently asked questions.